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Natural Medicines Database

In order to access the database, click the “Get Your Login ID” button on the top right of the database homepage. Once you complete the form you will be able to access the database.

Access on behalf of a drug information center or poison control center is not included as part of the agreement between SIO and the Database.

With this powerful tool you can do the following:

  • Search
    enter any natural product name, disease or condition, or drug name…gives you objective product information, Effectiveness Ratings, or potential interactions with drugs, etc.
  • Natural Product Effectiveness Checker
    tells you the level of effectiveness for natural products used for various medical conditions.
  • Natural Product / Drug Interaction Checker
    tells you potential interactions between any natural product and any drug. Automatically checks for interactions with EACH INGREDIENT of each product.
  • New Nutrient Depletion Checker
    Identifies potential nutrient depletion issues caused by medications and provides a rating of the clinical significance.
  • Disease / Medical Conditions Search
    shows you medical conditions, and allows you to see which natural products might be effective.
  • Search Colleagues Interact
    shows you questions, answers, and comments posted by other health professionals.
  • Advanced Search
    helps you find specific information or keywords anywhere in the Database.