In "A Patient's Perspective on Integrative Oncology: Getting Past the 'War," Living with and Beyond Cancer" by Josh Mailman, past Co-Chair of SIO's Patient Advocacy Task Force, discusses the roles of integrative oncology and how it has helped him.

"I discovered that integrative oncology is about understanding the whole body...I also learned about the growing body of evidence-based research on integrative oncology, and, as a patient, it was important for me to understand which treatments or suggestions had evidence-backed research so that I could separate them from those that had not been properly or fully studied.

"My journey into integrative oncology helped me in many ways; first in finding peace with my diagnosis; second removing many stress points from my life; and third by helping me manage my fatigue after my conventional treatment. Integrative Oncology has helped me live with a cancer that cannot be cured, but can be treated as a chronic disease."

Read the pdf full article (160 KB)  which was published as part of a special issue in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs

May 25, 2015- "Living With a Rare Cancer—My Dr. Seuss World, From cancer survivor to patient advocate, oh, the places I have gone" by Josh Mailman, published here in the ASCO Post.

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