SIO is accepting workshop submissions for the 18th International Conference, co-hosted by Johns Hopkins University, from September 24-26, 2021. This conference will have both the option to attend in-person and virtually via your computer (a hybrid model). The submission period is March 8 to midnight Pacific Time Monday, May 10, 2021. The proposals must be relevant to integrative oncology and the conference theme, “The Science of Living Well with Cancer."

Members of the Scientific Review Committee will evaluate the quality of the submitted workshop proposals on the basis of the following criteria:

        • Novelty of the workshop;
        • Significance of the goals;
        • Needs assessment;
        • Clarity; and
        • Relevance to integrative oncology and conference theme of Integrative Oncology: Advancing the Science & Art of Integrative Oncology 

Authors should be particularly cognizant of the importance of following the workshop criteria outlined above. If the submission is poorly written, such that the Review Committee cannot determine its goals and importance, the workshop will not be accepted for presentation at the Conference. 

It is preferred that workshop proposals be authored by at least two organizers from two different institutions; however, this is not required. For a sample workship sumbmission, click HERE.

Required Workshop Proposal Format

  • Title: Workshop title and acronym if relevant
  • Abstract: 200-300 words describing the workshop, suitable for the conference Web site and advance program
  • Topics and motivation: What are the topics, themes, and areas of interest of the workshop? How is the workshop relevant to integrative oncology, diversity, cancer control and/or prevention? What specific unmet needs/gaps does the workshop address? How does the workshop contribute to networking of SIO to other practitioner communities, if at all?
  • Goals and expected results: Explicitly state the goals of the workshop and how you intend to reach them. What are the expected results of the workshop? How will these results be disseminated? How will the workshop specifically address identified needs/gaps?
  • Format: What is the planned workshop format? What will be done to stimulate collaborative interaction? Are there planned pre- and post-workshop activities?
  • Length of time: There are seven 75-minute workshop spaces available and three 4-hour pre conference workshops
  • Previous presentation: Have you presented this workshop or a workshop on the same topic at previous SIO meetings or other scientific meetings? If so, when, where, and how many participants? How was the workshop evaluated (provide objective scores ratings and subjective comments as available?

Submission Form
To submit a proposal, click here 

Submission Deadline
Monday, May 10 2021, at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

Primary Author Responsibilities
If the material has been accepted for publication or has recently been published, it is the author's responsibility to make sure that the journal's copyright rules are not violated. The workshop proposal should comply with the ethics of scholarly activities in general and should be free of commercial bias. If chosen, the organizers and speakers must disclose conflicts of interest as required by continuing education accreditation bodies.