We’ve all heard about the potential for precision medicine to revolutionize cancer care, but can we apply this model to natural health products as well? This webinar reviews the emerging field of “Molecular Integrative Oncology” which strives to match natural products with their molecular targets to personalize integrative treatment delivery and optimize outcomes.

William LaValley, MD, presented this webinar on April 24, 2018. He has clinical expertise as a Functional Integrative Medicine physician, treating patients for over 28 years, and as a professional consultant to other physicians since the mid-1990’s.

Dr. LaValley develops advanced, evidence-based, molecularly-targeted treatment plans containing multiple protocol recommendations for physicians to receive, consider, and administer to their patients diagnosed with various types of cancers.

A part 2 of this webinar will be presented in Fall 2018. Stay tuned to our website and join our mailing list for more information on this as it becomes available!