Coriolus versicolorCoriolus versicolor (or Trametes versicolor), a medicinal mushroom, was chosen for this month’s issue because it is employed as an adjuvant agent in the treatment of cancer. It is popularly known as the “turkey tail mushroom” because of its resemblance to the multi-colored tail of a wild turkey.

We chose astragalus, an herb widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for this month because of its popularity as an immunostimulant.

Stephen Sagar, BSc, MBBS, MRCP, FRCR, FRCPC, DAB, and Debra L. Barton, RN, PhD, will be the luncheon speakers at the 2017 SIO International Conference in Chicago, Illinois, at The Drake. The conference will be held November 12-14, 2017.

We chose probiotics this month because of their growing popularity over the last two decades, stemming from perceived benefits including improved digestion, immune function and nutrient absorption.