The Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) is accepting nominations from SIO members to fill anticipated vacancies on its Board of Trustees. SIO welcomes the nomination of individuals who are researchers, clinicians, clinical researchers, patients and patient advocates. The submission deadline is July 1. Learn more below about eligibility and submission procedures.


Eligibility: To be eligible, candidates must meet the following criteria:

• Current SIO Member (or will join)

• Interested in and committed to advancing and maintaining the integrity of integrative oncology

• Willing to contribute at least 5-10 hours per month toward SIO activities

• Willing to participate in SIO advancement, including fund raising

• Willing to participate in the annual SIO conference (2019 conference October 19-21 in New York City.)

• Willing to participate in teleconference call meetings every other month and attend and participate in one annual Board retreat and meeting at the SIO Conference. (The 2019 daylong retreat to be held October 18 from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. in New York City.)

• Willing to co-chair an SIO Committee, Task Force and/or Special Interest Group

Nomination Materials: Individuals may nominate themselves or others for consideration by sending the nomination along with the nominee’s curriculum vitae and/or resume, as well as a brief introductory paragraph or two stating the nominee’s qualifications, availability and vision for serving on the SIO Board. The identity of the nominator must be included with the nomination materials. If nominating someone other than yourself, acceptance of the nomination must be confirmed in writing via email from the nominee within one week of submission of the nomination. An acceptance confirmation should be sent to 

Submission of Nominations: All nomination documents must be submitted in WORD or PDF format and sent by email to SIO at The deadline for nomination submission is July 1. 

Selection of Trustees: Nominations will be reviewed by the SIO Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, with a slate of nominees presented for vote by the SIO membership.

Trustee Terms: Each Trustee will serve a term of three years. Each trustee will be introduced to the SIO membership at the annual general meeting during the SIO Conference in October 2019 and will begin service at that time.   

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