Meet our inaugural SIO Member of the Month Jodi MacLeod!

Jodi MacLeod is a patient advocate from Pennsylvania who has been a member of SIO since 2016. She became involved in patient advocacy in 2014 when she joined SIO President Jun Mao’s PCORI-funded study, which became the CHOICE Study, as a patient co-investigator and member of the patient advisory board. MacLeod wrote for the study website and maintained a monthly patient advisor blog. Now, as the study prepares to disseminate their results in 2018, she works with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center staff to develop ways to promote those results.

MacLeod also maintains her own cancer wellness blog, Write4Wellness where she shares her own experiences, her travels around the country to various conferences, as well as discussing the latest integrative cancer research as it relates to patients.

In 2016, Dr. Mao suggested that MacLeod attend the conference in Miami, which she says was life changing; “I heard research I could apply immediately to my life, and after the conference, I enrolled in an online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course out of the University of Massachusetts.”

One year later, MacLeod prepares to increase her conference involvement at SIO2017 as she works with several other patient advocates, including Patient Advocacy Task Force Chair Betsy Glosik, on a patient advocacy workshop. “Betsy and I are going to focus on the patient experience of psychosocial distress in cancer and how the existing Commission on Cancer mandates of distress screening and survivorship care planning can be used to deliver integrative therapies and improve quality of life. We are so honored to be able to present our material, and to represent the many cancer patients and survivors who experience distress in their cancer journey.”

Until presentation time in November, MacLeod says she can be found with her laptop open, holding a second cup of coffee, reading research and distilling patient experience into workshop format.

To read more about the patient advocacy workshop click here. If you are interested in attending SIO’s 14th Annual International Conference, please visit our conference website for more information and to register.