Stephen Sagar, BSc, MBBS, MRCP, FRCR, FRCPC, DAB, and Debra L. Barton, RN, PhD, will be the luncheon speakers at the 2017 SIO International Conference in Chicago, Illinois, at The Drake. The conference will be held November 12-14, 2017.

The luncheon presentation on Monday, November 13 will be given by Dr. Sagar a recipient of a Dr. Rogers Groundbreaker Awards, which will be presented this month in Toronto, Ontario. His topic will be “Why Should Medical Schools Teach Integrative Health?” Dr. Barton, the Mary Lou Willard French Professor of Nursing in the Department of Systems, Populations, and Leadership at the University of Michigan School of Nursing, will be the luncheon speaker on Tuesday, November 14. Her presentation will focus on personalized hypnosis therapy in addition to discussing the role that nursing care/nursing science contributes to the development of integrative oncology

About our speakers

stephensagar2017A past President of SIO, Dr. Sagar is trained in the United Kingdom and is a Full Professor in the Departments of Oncology and Medicine at McMaster University, Canada. His specialty is radiation oncology, with a medical practice as a consultant and staff member of the Juravinski Cancer Centre. His research and education interests are in integrative oncology, mind-body medicine, and holistic models of healthcare, patient experience, psycho-oncology and psycho-education. He has published over 100 manuscripts and book chapters on research and education in complementary therapies and supportive care, particularly applied to cancer patients. His first book, Restored Harmony, was a seminal publication that introduced cancer patients to the principles of Chinese Medicine, and its integration into a Western, scientific medical system. In addition, he developed and taught many courses for patients on negotiating the cancer system, as well as pre- and post-graduate courses on integrative oncology for physicians, nurses, and social workers. He is a member of the International Psycho-oncology Society.

barton debra 2014Dr. Barton has been a funded investigator in oncology symptom management since 2002, having developed, implemented and completed 11 large multi-site intervention trials, including phase II and III clinical trials in symptoms. Her research improves the health-related quality of life of people after a cancer diagnosis and it has focused on cognitive dysfunction, sleep, nausea and vomiting, hot flashes, libido, vaginal atrophy, fatigue, and peripheral neuropathy, as well as herbal remedies, and mind-body therapies for these symptoms. One trial demonstrated the efficacy of American ginseng for cancer-related fatigue. She is currently launching a randomized phase II trial of 97 women with a history of breast and gynecologic cancer to evaluate mind-body interventions for improving self-image and sexual health. Dr. Barton is a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, co-chair of the NCI Symptom Management Quality of Life Steering Committee, and the recipient of the Group Award for PDQ Editorial Board, NCI, NIH.