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About EfficaSafe

SIO has partnered with EfficaSafe to grant you free, unlimited access to this invaluable resource.

EfficaSafe is a cutting-edge herb-drug-supplement interaction platform that aims to optimize integrative healthcare for improved clinical outcomes.

Watch the EfficaSafe video here.

Why EfficaSafe?

  • Comprehensive drug-drug and drug-supplement interaction database
  • Regularly reviewed to provide up-to-date information
  • Custom tools such as monitoring parameters and specific drug-depleted nutrients support clinical decision-making
  • The “Optimize” feature lists beneficial supplements for each drug searched
  • User-friendly interface
  • Searchable by pre-loaded chemotherapy regimens
  • Enables saving patient profiles and receiving specific patient information updates

SIO members are automatically logged in to the EfficaSafe website – no need to create a new account or remember another password. Log in to your SIO account, click “Member Dashboard” (top menu), then click the “Access EfficaSafe” button.  Are you having trouble logging in? Email for assistance.

While the database was created with integrative medicine professionals in mind it also provides useful information for people with cancer to share with their healthcare teams. 

Not an SIO member yet? Click the green “Join Today” button and receive this membership benefit, a $228/year value.