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Educational Workshop template

Session Title:


Full Name of submitter and primary contact for the workshop proposal:


Phone #:

SIO Committee (if applicable, is an SIO committee behind the proposal?):



Session Type: Educational Workshop


Proposed Presenters/Subtitles:


Please list the presenters proposed and what each speaker will be presenting


Presenter 1:

Full Name/Degree(s)/Institution/e-mail:

Title of presentation:
Alternate speaker (if available) with Full Name/Degree(s)/Institution/e-mail


Presenter 2:

And so on for the number of presenters proposed



Learning Objectives:


Target Audience:


Description of workshop:

Word limit for this section is 500 words and references can be included in this section



Eugene Ahn

Breast medical oncologist and integrative oncologist at City of Hope Chicago SIO VP Communications Associate Professor City of Hope Director of Clinical Research at COH Chicago/Atlanta/Phoenix