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August 2020
Navigating Integrative Prostate Cancer Care
presented by Laura Pole, RN, OCNS and Donald Abrams, MD.
April 2020
The Use of Chinese Herbal Medicine During COVID-19: Where's the Evidence?
presented by Weidong Lu, MB,MPH, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
June 2019
"Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies - An Online Resource for Integrative Cancer Care"
March 2019
"Precision Medicine in Molecular Inegrative Oncoloy - Part Two
December 2018
"Cannabis in Cancer Care" Encore
presented by Donald Abrams, MD, with an introduction and Q&A hosted by Eugene Ahn, MD
September 2018
"Cannabis in Cancer Care"
presented by Donald Abrams, MD
June 2018
"Integrative Sleep Medicine for Living Beyond Cancer"
presented by Ashwin Mehta, MD.
April 2018
"Precision Medicine in Molecular Integrative Oncology: Matching Natural Health Products to Molecular Targets"
presented by William LaValley, MD
January 2018
"Keeping Up With Healthcare Technology"
presented by Sangeeta Agarwal, OCN RN, MS, CAS.
April 2017
"The Role of Oncology Acupuncture for Cancer Patients"
presented by Jun Mao, MD, MSCE of Memeorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
 June 2016
"Basic Research on the Impact of Dietary Sugar on Cancer"
presented by Peiying Yang, PhD, MS, MD Anderson.
March 2016
Strategic Decisions in Developing an Integrative Oncology Practice - An Academic Perspective
presented by Richard T. Lee, MD, Seidman Cancer Center, University Hospitals Case Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
July 2015
Physical Activity and Cancer Survivorship: Does the Data Support an Exercise Prescription?
The program will examine the role of exercise in improving outcomes in cancer patients, with a focus on clinical outcomes related to treatment completion, treatment response, and disease-free and overall survival. In objectives, the course will aid participants in prescribing the types and amounts of exercise that will improve outcomes in cancer patients and identifying which cancer patients may benefit the most from exercise interventions.
February 2015
Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Use of Integrative Therapies as Supportive Care in Patients Treated for Breast Cancer
presented by Heather Greenlee, ND, PhD
The Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Use of Integrative Therapies as Supportive Care in Patients Treated for Breast Cancer were prepared by researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, with colleagues at MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Michigan, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and other institutions in the U.S. and Canada and analyzed which integrative treatments appear to be most effective and safe for women undergoing breast cancer treatment. The authors evaluated more than 80 different therapies. This is the latest in a series of integrative oncology guidelines published by SIO.
The slides from this webinar are available in document .ppt (2.26 MB) and pdf .pdf (1.39 MB) . You may download and print, without modification, these slides on "Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Use of Integrative Therapies As Supportive Care in Patients Treated for Breast Cancer" for your personal, noncommercial use with the following statement: Reprinted with permission from the Society of Integrative Oncology.
June 2014
Acupressure for Sleep, Pain and Depression
presented by Suzanna Zick, ND, MPH
During this webinar, Zick will explain the difference between Relaxation and Stimulation Acupressure compared to standard of care on sleep, pain & depression. Zick will also show various acupressure points and how to apply appropriate pressure on a patient/participant. Dr. Zick is a Research Associate Professor in Family Medicine and a Research Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences in the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan.
March 2014
Integrating Dietary Supplements in Cancer Care
presented by Moshe Frenkel, MD
Participants will be able to discuss basic information on leading supplements in cancer care so they can discuss this issue with patients and families affected by cancer, discuss realistic expectations and potential benefits and risks of nutritional supplements in cancer care and will be able to access reliable resources that can be useful in the discussion about supplements with patients and families. Dr. Moshe Frenkel is a clinical associate professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch and founder of the Integrative Medicine Clinic, at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas. Dr. Frenkel is Board certified in Family Practice. Since 2011, Dr. Frenkel is leading an integrative oncology service in the Oncology Institute in Meir Medical Center in Israel.
January 2014
Stress, Cancer, and the Patient-Oncologist Relationship
presented by Christian Boukaram, MD

When facing cancer, some patients think that stress caused their disease. Dr. Boukaram emphasizes tools such as mindfulness and hypnosis that oncologists can use to help patients cope with the emotional and existential turbulence effects cancer can have. He also explained that, even though stress is not the origin of cancer, it is useful to encourage patients to use healing tools and evaluate all aspects of their psychosocial lives in order to help the person with the disease, as well as his or her family. Dr. Boukaram is the Chief of Radiosurgery at Maisonneave-Rosemont Hospital in Montreal, Canada. He also is a Professor at the University of Montreal and an Associate Researcher and Radiation Oncologist at Maisonneave-Rosemont Hospital. In 2012, he was awarded the first prize for best example of personal and professional implication as a Radiation Oncologist by the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology (CARO). Dr. Boukaram received his medical doctorate from the University of Montreal and completed his fellowship at the Centre Antoine-Lacassagne in Nice, France.