Clinical Practice Guidelines

SIO is pleased to provide two new resources on integrative oncology. SIO developed new Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Use of Integrative Therapies as Supportive Care in Patients Treated for Breast Cancer, published in November 2014. The guidelines are a resource for clinicians and patients to inform evidence-based decisions on the use of integrative therapies during breast cancer treatment. Researchers at US and Canadian evaluated the efficacy and safety of more than 80 therapies.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monograph has released a special issue co-sponsored by SIO, The Role of Integrative Oncology for Cancer Survivorship, highlighting original peer-reviewed research in the field of integrative oncology. The articles in the special Monograph were all peer-reviewed.



2017 conference: Mark your calendar for SIO's 2017 conference to be held November 12-14 in Chicago, Illinois. The theme will be "Person-Centered Care in Integrative Oncology: Innovations, Impact and Implementation." The conference will be held jointly with Northwestern Medicine Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University. Watch for updates.

The Call for Workshops is now open here.  It will close on Tuesday, March 7.





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President's Message

from Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, RN, FAAN

If you haven't made reservations yet for the 10th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology, now is the time! Be sure to join us next month on October 20-22 in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the "castle in the city"—the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, as we examine this year's theme: From Bedside to Bench to Best Practices. Multidisciplinary oncology researchers and practitioners from around the globe, including stakeholders from virtually every major cancer center in the US and Canada, will convene to discuss evidence-based integrative oncology practice, the steadily growing science base, and its continued rise in popularity as patients demand a whole person approach to cancer care that addresses the mind, body and spirit.

Another option to keep informed on the latest developments in the field is to participate in SIO's monthly members-only webinars. This month we are honored to have renowned naturopathic physician and researcher, Leanna Standish, who will speak on the latest research on "turkey tail" mushroom for breast and prostate cancer.

This issue of SIO NewsWire also features a link to an article on safe, evidence-based integration of dietary supplements into cancer care, co-authored by several members of the SIO Clinical Practice Committee. Free access to this article in Integrative Cancer Therapies has been graciously offered by Sage Publications through September.

As always, we welcome your feedback and would love to have you involved! Please reach out to us at SIO headquarters and let us know your interest: or phone at 347.676.1SIO (1746).

Hope to see you soon at the conference and/or on the webinar!

Sage Publications Providing Free Access in Integrative Cancer Therapies to Dietary Supplements Paper Co-Authored by SIO Members

Article to be discussed at 10th International Conference available in ICT throughout September

ICTA new paper titled "Integrating Dietary Supplements Into Cancer Care," co-authored by the SIO Clinical Practice Committee, has been published in the September 2013 edition of Integrated Cancer Therapies (ICt).ICT's publisher, Sage Publications, is providing free access to the article for the month of September.

Many cancer patients use dietary supplements, and they often do not report that use to their care providers. Oncology providers have varying levels of understanding and experience with supplements used by their cancer patients. The article provides an up-to-date base of knowledge, so that physicians and other healthcare providers would be aware of the supplements and be able to discuss realistic expectations and potential benefits and risks. It reports on the following ten natural agents: curcumin, glutamine, vitamin D, Maitake mushrooms, fish oil, green tea, milk thistle, astragalus, melatonin and probiotics.

Based on this article,"Integrating Dietary Supplements Into Cancer Care" will be the subject of a workshop at the 10th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology in Vancouver, British Columbia, to take place on Sunday, October 20 at 2:45 pm, and will be led by article co-authors Moshe Frankel, MD; Donald Abrams, MD; Keith Block, MD; Gary Deng, MD; and Elena Ladas, MS, RD.

To read the full article, click here.

Conference Gala Dinner to Feature Canadian Comedy Award Winner Daniel Stolfi

GalaThe featured speaker at the gala dinner during the 10th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO 2013) will be comedian, writer, actor and cancer survivor Daniel Stolfi, winner of the Canadian Comedy Award for his one-person show, Cancer Can't Dance Like This. Daniel promises his presentation, drawn from personal experiences and journal entries, will bring "a real and honest take on the cancer journey with comedy at its core." He will take a light-hearted look at cancer and cancer treatment and encourage attendees to keep the patient at the center of the care they provide.

In March 2008, at the age of 25, Daniel was diagnosed with acute non-Hodgkin's T-lymphoblastic lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer requiring equally aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments over the next two years of his life. Through his ongoing battle with the disease, he created his award-winning show. Cancer Can't Dance Like This has been described as "simultaneously heartwarming and hysterical." Daniel donates a portion of the proceeds from each show. In 2012 the show made its off-Broadway debut at the United Solo Festival in New York City.  

To learn more, click here. 

Full Schedule for 10th International Conference of SIO Now Online

ConferenceFor the best prices on lodging, be sure to book rooms by September 20

The full schedule for the 10th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology is now posted on the conference website.

Some highlights: Kerry S. Courneya, PhD, Victoria Sweet, MD, PhD, and Frank Meyskens, MD, FACP will deliver keynote lectures. Plenary session topics include: The Role of Cannabis in Integrative Oncology; Cancer Management and Knowledge Translation; Advances in Cancer Survivorship Research: Joint Session with the American Society of Preventive Oncology; Mind Body Therapies: from the Immune System to the Internet; Advances in Nutrition Therapy – The Microbiome; and Integrative Oncology Clinical Guidelines—Current and Future Guidelines from SIO.

There are still rooms available at conference rates at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, but you must register by September 20 to ensure special pricing. Visit the conference webpages for full details.

Dr. Leanna Standish on "Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy Using Mushrooms" the SIO Members-Only Webinar on September 19th

WebinarSeptember WebinarThe next SIO Members-Only Webinar, to be held on Thursday, September 19 at 1 pm EDT. Our presenter will be Leanna Standish, ND, PhD, LAc, FABNO.

Dr. Standish is a neuroscientist and a naturopathic physician who is board certified in naturopathic oncology. Currently her research is focused on the Asian medicinal mushroom Trametes versicolor in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer; functional brain imaging in the treatment of brain cancer; and the development of integrative oncology outcomes studies.

Click here to read an article about a US FDA-backed study on use of Trametes versicolor, the "turkey tail" mushroom, in which Dr. Standish is serving as lead investigator. To learn more about Dr. Standish, be sure to read the article below.

September Webinar Presenter Working to Overcome "Close-to-Home" Obstacle

Dr. Leanna Standish's greatest fear has always been cancer. After losing many of her family members to the disease, she decided to take on the challenge of curing it. When asked if this task was too great, she replied, "Never." Her will to overcome this close-to-home obstacle has made the quest her everyday driving force.

Leanna Standish, ND, PhD, LAc, FABNO is currently the medical director of the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center and a clinical research professor at the Bastyr University Research Institute. She has served as principal investigator on several National Institutes of Health (NIH) research grants since 1994.

Dr. Standish searched high and low, near and far to find aid in the cure. Her gut told her there were natural medicines that were likely weapons. This is what brought her to Trametes versicolor, "turkey tail" mushrooms, and the isolation of Polysaccharide-K (PSK) and its anticancer activity in human clinical trials. Although highlighted only recently for cancer treatment, this mushroom has been used for thousands of years in Asia.

Click here to read more. 

Meet Your Board Member: Dugald Seely

Dugald Seely, ND, MSc, FABNO is director of research and clinical epidemiology at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, is an affiliate investigator for the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and leads the clinical practice and research program for the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Care Centre.

Dugald Seely was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. After living for a time in Ottawa he traveled across the expanse of Canada pursuing his education. As the child of two medical doctors and the youngest of four siblings including a thoracic surgeon, a radiologist and a veterinarian, he says his rebellious nature had him moving away from a career in the medical field.

SeelyAfter starting studies in engineering at the University of British Columbia Vancouver, he switched gears, as well as coasts, and earned a bachelor's degree in Chemistry at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. He worked for a time in a lab there before returning to British Columbia to continue a long career in tree planting, followed by volunteering at a genetics lab thinking about the possibility of getting into graduate research work. While in Vancouver, and prompted by his life partner, Sarah, he visited the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and he found the field highly compelling.

"The appeal, in part, was the science behind the curriculum," said Dr. Seely, "and how that was applied to the whole person. As well, naturopathic medicine thoroughly embodies whole person care from a holistic and scientific perspective."

It also satisfied his rebel streak. "I was getting drawn back toward medicine," he said, "but in a different direction."

To learn more about Dr. Seely, click here


Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) Monograph "The Role of Integrative Oncology in Cancer Survivorship"

JNCILetters of intent must be received by October 1. Dedicated to evaluating the impact of integrative oncology on cancer survivorship, the monograph is sponsored by the Society for Integrative Oncology, Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine, the Abramson Cancer Center at University of Pennsylvania, Allina Health, Beth Israel Medical Center, University of Hawaii, and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. It will include selected manuscripts on the science and evidence-based integration of complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) and lifestyle changes aimed at improving the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of quality of life and clinical outcomes for individuals affected by cancer.

To learn more click here. To download a PDF of the Call for Papers, click here.

Upcoming Events

September 26 

1 – 5 pm
2013 Dr. Rogers Prize Colloquium
"Exploring the Mind-Body Continuum"

6 - 11 pm
Dr. Rogers Prize Award Gala
Vancouver, BC

October 19 

8 - 9 pm
Special Pre-Conference
Cano 2013/SIO 2013 Joint Lecture
"Coming Home to Yourself:
Finding Calm, Clarity and Compassion in the Storm of Cancer and Caregiving"
with Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, RN, FAAN
St. Andrews Wesley Church
Vancouver, BC