Webinar: "Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies: An Online Resource for Integrative Cancer"


Webinar: "Beyond Converntional Cancer Therapies" 

“I feel like I’ve been dropped into a jungle without a compass or a map!”

Have your cancer patients expressed a similar sense of disorientation and inability to navigate? As you begin to help them traverse this foreign and frightening terrain, you may wish you had more tools and resource to offer them. Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies (BCCT) is a website created for motivated clinicians and patients who want to dive deeply into and wisely navigate the world of integrative cancer care. SIO member and founder of online journal, Integrative Cancer Review, Marianne Woods Cirone, will moderate Michael Lerner, PhD, proponent of integrative oncology, and two of his BCCT staff, Laura Pole, RN, OCNS, and Nancy Hepp, MS, as they talk about how to use this comprehensive web resource and guide participants through an exploration of a variety of evidence-based therapies for treating a wide range of common cancer-related symptoms and side-effects. Members register at no charge. Non-members pay a $20 registration fee. Register here.