ARTOI International Conference

03.23.2018 - 03.25.2018


There are two key words that govern today the complexity of the cancer planet and the health system: integration and appropriateness. Modern medicine, especially in the field of oncological pathology, moves and develops on the basis of synergies that allow a therapy result of alliances and networks increasingly composite and heterogeneous in a vision of integration centered on the well-being of the sick person. 
On these solid foundations, this scientific event was organized co-organized by the Florence School of Traditional Acupuncture with the USL Toscana Center, the Istituto Toscano Tumori and the Research Association for Integrated Oncological Therapies (ARTOI).

In Tuscany different actors such as the Traditional School of Acupuncture in Florence, the Tuscany Region with the innovative process of integrating complementary medicines into the public health system, the Order of Physicians and the University, have worked for decades to strengthen this approach both on institutional plan both in the training of modern and professionally suitable operators. The concrete prospect of bringing together the different realities of care under a single medicine has always been the mission of ARTOI since its inception, more than 10 years ago.

The need to broaden the patient's gaze with therapeutic strategies centered on the person and not on a specific pathology where, diet, physical activity, respiratory gymnastics and lifestyles play a major role as a stimulus to improve the man system, makes that the prevention and the tools that support it have an important space in this conference. 

An event that is in continuity with the oncology conference of November 2016, when in Florence over 400 doctors, oncologists and researchers were confronted on the integrated therapeutic pathways for cancer patients. 
Once again in Florence, renowned oncologists and doctors of integrated medicine will converge once again, who for decades have played a role of support and assistance in the scientific approach to oncological disease and cerebral pathologies such as stroke, according to a strict and open vision of medicine, shared by major international health agencies such as the World Health Organization and the US National Health Institutes, and gradually confirmed by scientific research. 
Large international facilities such as the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York have for years been supporting complementary methods, if effective and appropriate, to the classical anti-tumor protocols in a path that has become paradigmatic and contagious.
We are going, therefore, not without emotion to share three intense days of science and culture with guests from all over the world, with the hope that many colleagues will actively participate in this extraordinary event.