Multidisciplinary oncology practitioners from around the globe, including stakeholders from major cancer centers, convene at SIO annual international conferences to discuss the evolution of evidence-based integrative oncology in practice, the steadily growing science base, and its continued rise in popularity use as patients demand a whole-person approach to cancer care with mind, body, and spirit. Read the overarching goals of the conference.

Mark your calendars for SIO's 2018 conference, October 27-29 at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormack Ranch, Scottsdale, Arizona. The conference theme will be "From Research to Practical Applications." Watch for updates.

The 2017 conference was held  November 12-14, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, on the theme "Person-Centered Care in Integrative Oncology: Innovations, Impact, and Implementation." 

The 2016 conference was held on November 5-7 in Miami, Florida on the theme “Advancing the Global Impact of Integrative Oncology.” Read more about the 2016 conference here

The 2015 conference was held on November 14-16 in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more about the 2015 conference and view recordings from the first ever Joint Conference on Acupuncture, Oncology and Fascia. Review information about the 2014 conference and past conferences.